I am Brendan, I create rich multimedia content for the web and more. I am available for freelance design work for websites, print materials, videos and more. See my portfolio or contact me now!

About Me



My love for multimedia started as a hobby which I am grateful to have been able to turn into a career. I started using basic HTML as soon as my family purchased our first personal computer and haven't stopped. I have become a jack of many trades along the way and a master of few. My favorite toys usually involve flash, audio and video work.

I opened a production studio while in college that was used primarily for audio recording and post-production work. As the owner and chief engineer I worked on a number of projects recording bands, singers and musicians.

While working in the music industry I was also able to pick-up occasional design work doing websites, CD layouts and promotional materials. Then I was able to have the chance to work on various websites and marketing for local businesses. I've been hired for large and small projects such as:

  • Flash-based websites and banner ads
  • Printed business cards and flyers
  • Custom flash widgets (video players, interactive content)
  • Video editing
  • Voice-over recording

Take a look at the portfolio section for some examples.


Paul Chandler Electric

Flash Website

Local electrician Paul Chandler hired me to do this flash based website. He wanted something to "wow" his potential customers so we went with the flash platform. The website features a flashing lightbulb and testimonials from a few of his past clients

View the Site →

  • Paul Chandler Electric
  • PaulChandlerElectric.com
  • Paul Chandler Interior Page
  • Paul Chandler Testimonial Page

From the client...

My small business needed a presence on the web and this website is a great start for me. Having my phone number in the yellow pages just doesn't cut it these days and now customers can find me on the web and be impressed when they get there.

— Paul Chandler PaulChandlerElectric.com

Maggots Video Player

Flex YouTube Player

This video player needed to be placed in a CMS that didn't have much real estate for a thumbnail menu. The goal was to create a player that used a dropdown menu to select videos that are defined in an XML file. I got to show off my developer skills here by using Flex Builder to create the player and use the YouTube API to load in the movies using actionscript.

View the Site →

  • Flex YouTube Video Player

Side note from me...

The videos are a "highlight reel" (or in our case blooper reel) of my baseball team. The videos are also an example of using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premier.

— Brendan, QuincyMaggots.com


Joomla! Website

The National Center for Youth in Custody (NC4YC) website was a project I got the privelege of overseeing the full development of. The site is built using the Joomla! open source content management system and leverages a number of Joomla! extensions.

View the Site →

  • National Center for Youth in Custody
  • National Center for Youth in Custody
  • National Center for Youth in Custody

Side note from me...

The National Center for Youth in Custody needed this website at a low entry cost so that it could be expanded as the center grew with additional funding.

— Brendan, nc4yc.org

Various Flyers

Photoshop & Indesign Layout

Here is a gallery of some various different flyers I have done. Flyers I've done for people include post cards, brochures and posters.

  • Maggots Night Out Show Flyer

Side note from me...

I love doing flyers as there is usually a bit more creative freedom to work with.

— Brendan


Contact information

I'm based out of Quincy, MA and am available in the surrounding areas.

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